A blog post I wrote for The Golf Warehouse

One day a week. Your time. Between long days at the office and lectures from your doctor, the links have become your sanctum sanctorum. It is a place where your youngest son won’t ask for money, saying his student loans are due and the job market is bad. A place where your wife won’t spend the evening begging you for another dog. A place where you can drive away the stresses and fall under the sedation of freshly mowed grass. This is your blood pressure medication.

You are part of the silent fraternity of Eagle and Birdie. Your best friend’s name is Mulligan.This is the year that your handicap will reach its all-time low, and you will finally win that long-standing bet with your brother-in-law. It would have been last year, but after that crucial missed putt on the 16th you last Christmas are finally broken in. Your drives are soaring down the fairway. Nothing can stop you this year, but summer is winding down. Time is running out. Soon the greens will die and the tee boxes will be buried in snow. The pressure is on to best yourself. You are willing to do whatever it takes, even if it means sacrificing several Sundays of football or playing 18 holes in a chilly rain.

Nothing should keep you from your hallowed holes, especially not the weather. Science tells you that when that the colder it gets, the shorter your drives will be. Cold golf balls and dense air become your biggest competitors. Yet when the temperature goes down, golfers like you don’t give up. They gear up. The Men’s ArmourStorm® Jacket is the perfect way to combat all sorts of weather and never miss a tee time. Every hole- every shot- requires specific adaptations, and this jacket is perfect for golf’s unpredictability. Its 4-way stretch fabric allows for unimpeded movement so your swing will never suffer, and its 2-way front zipper allows extra adjustment for those difficult chip shots. With the ArmourStorm®’s Durable Water Repellent finish, you’re ready for both the rain and the poorly-timed course sprinklers. This is your year. Look your best while shooting your best.

Choose a company that is as dedicated to you as you are to the sport. The Golf Warehouse has the Men’s ArmourStorm Jacket and more to keep you at the top of you game. No matter what your golf needs, we offer everything from top of the line equipment to expert advice. Like us you threw your clubs into the pond. Speaking of clubs, the set your wife bought today on Facebook to stay up on the latest gear and golf news or visit http://www.tgw.com to view our catalog.


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