Toying with Taglines

In honor of the Smith Magazine’s Six Word Memoir movement, I have decided to play around with popular brand’s taglines. The game: I will write a new tagline for each brand using only six words. Some may be parodistic but most should be brand relevant. Will I triumph or will words fail me? Let the games begin.

Nike: Sports are tough. Nike is tougher.

Netflix: Your library of cinematic adventure awaits.

Apple Inc.: We are better than Microsoft. Period.

Subway: Your size. Your style. Your sandwich. (I didn’t like this one at first because it sounded like a tagline for a clothing line, but I could see the artwork  playing out the whole “finally fitting into those jeans thanks to Subway” angle.)

Carnival Cruises: Trust us with your vacation memories.

Sam Adams Beer: Has patriotism ever tasted so good?

Trident Chewing Gum: First date? Job interview? Trident’s there.

That was fun, but I’d like to do it again in the future so I’ll need to leave some brands.


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