Craft Beer Review- October

October: named because it was once the eighth month of the year on the Ancient Roman calendars. It is a time of post season baseball, Halloween, cooler weather, and warmer clothes. All of these things are glorious tidbits that make the beginning of fall fabulous. Perhaps the crowning glory of October are pumpkins. Why, you ask? Pumpkins are the world’s most versatile squash plant. They can be used for entertainment such as carving or smashing. They can be baked into pies or impersonated to artificially spice up your coffee. Most importantly, they can be brewed into some palate-pleasing craft beers.

Of all the pumpkins brews I have tried this spooky season, I have to hand it to BJ’s Brewhouse for doing it right. It offers all the yummy goodness of that uniquely fall flavor that only a pumpkin can produce without overwhelming the taste of the ale. With just the right amount of maltiness, perfect coloring, and spicy after notes, Pumpkin Ale moves to the head of the class.

Available: BJ’s Brewhouse (October-November)

ABV: 4.7%

IBU: 15

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