Pinterest: An Advertiser’s Goldmine

As I was spending another evening virtually planning my non-existent wedding and trying to ignore the delicious-looking pictures of food, I had a thought. Why aren’t more advertisers taking advantage of the goldmine that is Pinterest? They give advertisers the options to promote their pins, and yet, I have never seen a promoted pin. It is a medium used by scores of women who dedicate high amounts of time to it. Think of how many impressions advertisers who don’t utilize Pinterest are missing out on.

For example, a typical twenty-something female will click onto Pinterest 1-3 times a day and visit at least 4 of the categories the website offers. Let’s say these women visit Health and Beauty, Food and Drink, and Weddings and Events. There is a chance to expose those women to a make-up ad, a light beer ad, and an ad for a wedding planner all in one sitting.

The best part about the whole thing is that it is essentially free (or at least costs relatively little). Additionally, people are choosing to view your message, and as such, will likely respond more positively than to a television or pop-up ad of the same product. Location, location, location. It’s a business tactic as old as business itself. Take the message to the audience and good things happen. I hope to see a bigger trend of Pinterest ads in the future.

Pinterest is an addiction.


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