An Excerpt from “Is the Bar Open Seating?”

My newest novel-in-the-works, Is the Bar Open Seating?, is going to be a crass, semi-autobiographical work with Bukowski influences. Below is an excerpt from the opening chapter, Nice to Fucking Meet You.

“I have finally done it. I’ve succumbed to the cliché.  I’ve dug deep into the platitudes and situated myself in this coffee shop armchair to string words together and call myself a writer. The coffee itself is sub-par made palatable only by the healthy dose of whiskey I added to its caffeinated depths, but as I said before, I am not here for the coffee. I am here in hopes of embracing the banality and inspiring myself to spew some sort of literary substance.”

As always, comments and criticisms are appreciated. This work-in-progress is copyrighted, so don’t be a thief. Be original.  Enjoy!


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