Growing Up ENFP

In school I always enjoyed the psychology segments, and I especially enjoyed the lessons in which we were allowed self exploration. Who doesn’t want to know more about themselves, am I right? Some of my classmates got a different personality type every year depending on whom they were trying to impress. Others changed once maybe twice before settling into their true personality types. I, on the other hand, have ALWAYS been an ENFP: energetic, intuitive, feeling, perceiving.

Famous ENFP’s include former President Bill Clinton, Walt Disney, Hunter S. Thompson, and Tina Fey. I was thrilled to find out that my personality type is commonly referred to as “The Champion/The Inspirer.” It was all so interesting to me! Coming from a family ISTPs, I thought I was just a defective dreamer with an over-active imagination. In my 23 years of life, I have toyed with the idea of become an astronaut, signing up for the Coast Guard, enlisting with the Peace Corps, getting into movie direction, joining the FBI, attempting to live like Jack Kerouac, and many more shenanigans. Some of these things I have done while others are just part of the energetic bit of my personality that refuses to accept a mundane life.

When I fell into copywriting for advertising, it was the perfect balance of everything to keep me interested. It is challenging enough and yet it allows room for my creative compulsions. I realize that I probably come off a little crazy in this post, but most ENFPs are misjudged. Below I have added a chart for people to better understand how to deal with the ENFPs in their life and to help them be proud of the disorganized, eccentric, wiry people they are.