The Last Frontier

As a child of the digital age, I have an ingrained appreciation for all things technological. I may not always understand how these things work, but I love what it does for the progression of society and the expansion of knowledge. That is why when I read about the Mars One mission to colonize another planet I get more excited than any right-brained person has a right to get about science things.

When I was a kid, we got the first transmissions back from Jupiter and the first woman pilot became the first woman commander (read more about Eileen Collins here). You had to train for years to go up into space, and even then it was only for a relatively brief period of time. How thrilling is it that in just four short years NASA will be sending up the first crew of individuals from around the world to settle into life on Mars?

After several years of training and an eight month flight, these people will become the first inhabitants of the colony on the red planet. These brave pioneers have accepted a lifetime on alien territory with only freeze dried food and a generous 50 meters squared living unit. They will be expected to build in their new environment and research their surroundings.

It is a costly mission and one not without great risk to the lives of those volunteers, but imagine what it could mean for the future of science and of humankind! Had I not been wrapped up in finishing my university degree, I would have applied to become one of the volunteers without hesitation…or at least I’d like to believe I’m that brave. To read more about the Mars One Colonization Mission you can click the link below. Maybe you’ll get as excited as I am.